Manitoba Communities

I am an accredited and Licensed Realtor® and Broker in the province of Manitoba and specialize in serving buyers and sellers anywhere within the province. Manitoba is a diverse province with a range of communities, and below is a list of some of the most popular. There are too many to list them all, but if you don’t see yours listed and it’s within Southern Manitoba, chances are I can help you!



Manitoba’s untouched natural beauty, combined with its urban elegance, will leave you captivated. It is a singular place where you can both make friends with majestic polar bears and take in the vibrant culture of the capital city Winnipeg. Paddle alongside curious beluga whales, and discover unmatched hospitality and friendliness during the vacation of a lifetime to Manitoba.




Winnipeg is a culturally diverse city with more than 100 languages and nationalities represented throughout the region. Winnipeg is known for its unique winter experiences, a flourishing arts scene, colourful festivals, and neighbourhoods full of character. Winnipeg also boasts plenty of green spaces and access to outdoor activities.




Beausejour is a town located in the rural municipality of Brokenhead, 46 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg. The French name Beauséjour means "beautiful stay," and it absolutely applies to this stunning location just west of the Canadian Shield and Whiteshell Provincial Park.




The village of Tyndall was founded in 1893. Mostly constructed from locally quarried limestone that bears the same name, the communities of Tyndall and Garson have seen a dramatic surge in population owing to the easy commute to Winnipeg and modest property taxes. The commute is made safe and easy by divided highway all the way to Winnipeg.



RM Springfield/Oakbank

Oakbank is a community located about 15 km east of the provincial capital, in the rural municipality of Springfield. It has a population of about 4,600 people, with a majority of its residents working in Winnipeg due to its easy accessibility.



Birds Hill Park

Birds Hill Park is a natural stage for a range of recreational activities and sporting events. Each July, Birds Hill is home to the Winnipeg Folk Festival, one of North America’s largest folk music events. Everything from trail riding, cycling races, horse shows, and interpretive programs are yours to pursue and enjoy.




Lockport is a small unincorporated community, located just 28 km north of the city of Winnipeg. It is part of both the Rural Municipalities of St. Andrews, and St. Clements. Home to one of the world’s oldest archeological settlements, Lockport is also known for some of the best fishing in the country.



East St. Paul

Although it is one of the smallest rural municipalities, East St. Paul makes up for its size by offering a wide range of services and community programs usually found in much larger urban centres. It is also recognized as having one of the best trained and equipped volunteer fire departments in the province.

East St. Paul has its own sewage treatment plant with over 2500 connected. The remainder have private sewage disposal systems. The Municipality provides weekly garbage and recycling pick-up to residents.

A wide range of sports and recreational facilities are available in the community, including baseball diamonds, soccer fields, skating and curling rinks, tennis courts, access to snowmobile trails, and boat launches to the Red River. Thanks to a strong spirit of volunteerism and community participation, the Municipality is able to host large sporting events at the regional and provincial levels, and community teams have earned numerous City and Provincial titles in several sports. The recent development of a 36 acre summer sports and recreation complex will further enhance soccer, softball, and baseball activity.

The East St. Paul Community Club is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who organize many sporting events and social activities. More information on Community Club activities and the Curling Club can be found by accessing the "Recreation" page in this web site.

Library services are available at any City of Winnipeg Library. The Municipality refunds a portion of the non-resident fee paid by East St. Paul residents to acquire a library card.